Five Months Old and the Mama Bug
Monday, January 29, 2007

Amazing. In some ways it feels like August 28th was just yesterday, but in so, so many other ways, it seems like our sweet little Landon has been with us forever. Maybe it's because I can't imagine my life without him anymore. Maybe it's because my life has taken on such greater significance and clearer purpose since his birth. Maybe it's because so much of what I do, and think about, revolves around this precious little person.

Whatever the reason, Landon has come to feel like family. For several months he felt like a wonderful little visitor; at times a very loud little visitor, but welcome nonetheless. These days, I find myself looking forward to snuggling his soft cheeks, cleaning his room, just to have an excuse to touch all of his sweet things, and hugging him close for just a few extra moments before I have to lay him in his crib for the night. I have the Mama Bug, and it's all-consuming, but it's the best I've ever felt in my life.

Here are some adorable 5 month pictures.

From My Precious Husband...
Saturday, January 13, 2007

Despite what some of you might think after Landon's "first smoke" picture, I truly have the most wonderful, thoughtful, and romantic husband! As soon as the ball had dropped on New Year's Eve, my sweet Jeremy had this beautiful painting sitting next to a dozen roses and lit candles. It was the perfect gift to celebrate the one year anniversary of finding out we were pregnant with our precious baby. I told you; he's a keeper...Jer and Landon, actually.

Thank you, Misty, for the beautiful addition to Landon's nursery. We love it!

A Bunch of First's... And some random fish;)
Monday, January 08, 2007

First time eating "real" food, first time with Santa, first cigar. Fall in TX (Mid December.) Oh and Steelhead in Trout Run (Erie PA.)