Landon's One Month Old!
Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well, we've made it through our first month. It was sweet, and precious, and unforgettable, but my was hard! Let me give a quick review, for any of you who have only talked to Jer, and therefore have only heard boasting of how humungous our son has gotten. He's very proud that he has a "big" boy...he sort-of talks about him like he's a fish ("He's gonna be like a 20-pounder by Christmas!) If you've talked to me, you've no doubt heard the whole truth...maybe more than you even wanted to know. If so, I'm sorry. I've had to vent a lot over the last month.

Anyway, week one, Landon was very hungry (no big surprise), and I couldn't feed him quite as much or quite as often or quite as fast as he wanted. When the kid wants to eat, the kid wants to eat. We've at least figured out that he is very serious about his meals. But, learning the lesson made for somewhat of a rough start. Week two we tried formula. Apparently too many formulas. By the end of the week his poor little (but growing) tummy was in knots, and he wasn't such a happy camper. Again, sort-of a tough week. Week three Landon got a fever. When I called the doctor, expecting to be told to 'give him a cold bath, a little Tylenol, and call back in the morning,' I was instructed to take him to the hospital immediately. When we got there, again expecting to be told to 'take him home, give him a cold bath, a little Tylenol, and call the doctor in the morning,' I was told (after many tests had been done on our poor, sweet baby) that because of his age, we were being admitted for three days. Just as a precaution. All the tests came back fine, by the way. He just had a bug. Again, not the best week. Week four has been- PRAISE THE LORD- much better. No big dramas this far.

So, it's been rough start, but God is so good. Every day is a fresh start, and every day I wake up the mama of a beautiful, sweet baby boy. Issues with feedings, and formulas, and fevers can be exhausting, but at the end of the day (or the 2 AM feeding, for that matter) I can't help but look at him in awe and wonder. He's ours. Landon is our baby, and he is truly a gift from God. That alone makes it all worth it.

Let the Spoilin' Begin!
Monday, September 25, 2006

Landon's To Do List
(in no particular order):
* Figure out the difference between "day" and "night"
* Stop peeing on the wall (and other people) during
diaper changes
* Meet the Grandparents- CHECK!

Introductions have been made, and all around it was love at first sight! The Gibsons and the Lacarias came ready to cook, clean, lose some sleep for the good of the cause, and spoil thier newest grandson! We were so happy to have them visit, and so thankful for the extra sets of hands. Our "little" Landon is not so little anymore...he's become a bit of a chunk, and any extra arms to hold him are a huge help!
So, one thing for Landon to check off his first To Do list.
If he's anything like his mama, there will be many, many more to come.

Week One
Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, our little Landon is officially one week old, and I am back among the "Land of the Living". It took me four days to check my cell phone messages, and even longer to log onto my email account. After a week though, I'm ready for some adult interaction.

Our sweet baby is doing great! He is eating like a champ (about 5 oz. every three hours), which makes me wonder, when you also take into account those huge hands and feet, exactly how big this kiddo is going to be! He went to see the pediatrician last Friday, and they said that his jaundice is clearing up. By Monday morning his complexion looked about like mine. One feature he may have actually inherited from me! Based on the general concensus, everything else is apparently from his good-looking Daddy! Oh, and VERY good news...last night he slept for 5 hours straight! This was truly an answer to prayer, as I was beginning to fall asleep just walking around the house. It may have been a fluke, but I'm hoping he's starting to give up his nocturnal ways!

Enjoy the new photos. He's certainly a cutie!