Sunday, July 08, 2007

We're Still Kickin'...

and Crawling... and Into EVERYTHING! Well, we made it! Since our last post we've put a house on the market, sold it (thank you, God), moved into a short-term apartment, said goodbye to another school year (with some cheers), said goodbye to some precious family members (with some tears), traveled across the country, and now-whew!-we've moved into our new townhouse.

Some more specifics...Let's start with the most important.
Landon is doing great! He is 10 months old, weighs about 25 pounds (he's...stocky), and is the happiest, smiliest kid in the world. He began crawling about mid-May, and very quickly realized that he LOVED it! He pulls up on everything, and is getting some rather impressive leg muscles. They're beginning to put mine to shame (as I have not really been able to work out since he learned how to 'get around'). He just got his two front teeth, is loving all the time with both sets of grandparents, and (I know I'm a bit biased) just gets cuter every day. Don't you think?

Cuter, huh? Anyway, next up- our new casa. There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but we're so, so happy with it! Almost every day, at some point, Jer and I marvel at how God has blessed us. For Jer, I think that it is usually right around the time the deer, or the chipmunks, or the turkeys, or the groundhogs, or the rabbits, or the hummingbirds, or, whatever other wildlife decide to search for a snack in our yard. It's a great place. Blitz adores his yard (and the deer, actually...they have a bit of a crush on one another), Landon loves his playgound and porch, and Jer and I are feeling like it's "home".

Last, but certainly not least, the jobs. Jer is off to a fantastic start with AFLAC. This is him leaving for work his first day, and yes, he is wearing pink! His first month went very, very well, and again, we're just feeling so blessed. We really felt God's leading and guidance in this move, and are seeing such confirmation already! There's such peace that comes with being in God's Will. As for me, I'm not quite sure what the fall will bring. I had an interview with the PA Charter Cyber School, which went very well, but job openings are dependent on summer enrollment. So, we'll see. I'm really at peace with whatever happens. I sure wouldn't mind pinching pennies if it lets me pinch my baby's chubby cheeks a little more often.

We hope that all is well with you and your family. Our little one is doing great!
Texas family and friends- we love you dearly, and miss you like crazy. Keep in touch.

This is the story of Jeremy and Leslie and their sweet baby Landon.

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