To Our Friends and Family
Sunday, July 30, 2006

It seems like just yesterday that those infamous two pink lines revealed the happy news. In fact, it was months ago, and many milestones have been reached since that day! At about twenty weeks, we found out we are having a little boy. Around twenty-two weeks, we excitedly picked a name. At thirty-three weeks, Jeremy decided we should change the name! Several days ago Leslie's tummy passed the forty-inches mark, and several days from now we'll have our last sonogram.

These past thirty-five weeks have been the most exciting of our lives, but there are so many of our friends and family who have not gotten to experience all of these milestones with us. So, this website is for you. Having a baby is a miracle, but being able to share the experience with those we love- regardless of the miles between us- is a precious gift.

Thank you for your friendship and love. We hope you'll share the memories with us as "baby makes three"!

This is the story of Jeremy and Leslie and their sweet baby Landon.

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