Boy Toys!
Monday, August 24, 2009

Jeremy and Landon have birthdays this week - Landon will be three and we won't say exactly how old Jeremy will be but it also has a 3 in it, and there's a zero at the end.....

To minimize the pain, we surprised him with something he's been hankering for since we moved into our house and he hand-raked 150 bags of leaves - The Cyclone Rake! Not that it would thrill most girls but he was darned tickled over it.

This box was the teaser - the only one small enough to wrap!

The face of a happy man!

Putting the contraption together with my Dad.

This requires deep concentration, apparently.

Almost there - it had a lot of parts!

Can you see the leaves? It's AUGUST and they're already falling here in PA!

With over 20 trees on our property, this is going to be a back-saver.

For Landon's birthday, we got him his own little red tractor so he can follow Daddy around, helping with the yardwork. Who knows, it might make him a better driver someday down the road.

Right now his steering is a little crazy.

BTW he's very proud of that hole in his jeans. First worn out pair.

Papa gave him a quick driving lesson.

So did Mama...

Daddy showed him how to dump out the sticks he'd gathered.

Way cool!

Look at me - I'm getting the hang of it!

Just a sidenote - did anybody know they sell these ginormous marshmallows? Fantastic!

Happy Boys with their toys!

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